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Press Release:

This album has been in the works for much longer than any other we have ever worked on. We had a very specific idea of what we wanted this one to feel and sound like. Because of lineup changes, changes in who we had recording the album, and not to mention a global pandemic, it took much longer than anticipated. Despite all of that we now have something that we are very proud of, and very excited to release. It also seems fitting. As if it was meant to be coming out now.


The Ether Dome was the first place to use inhaled Ether as a surgical anesthesic in a public demonstration in 1846. The concept behind the album has evolved over time. When we decided on the name. (Josh came up with it). It fits exactly what we think the album feels like. It's about where we put ourselves in our own minds and bodies. Hazy delirium. We are full of fear, of happiness. We are in hate, in love. It's about things  either self imposed or perpetuated by factors outside of ourselves. It's Savage. Sweet. Dichotomy. 

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