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Press Release:

At the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020 Denver based psych rockers, The Savage Blush, in the midst of recording their newest album "Ether Dome" found themselves with a partially written album and a few songs tracked out onto tape. Throughout what were not the most ideal conditions the band managed to finish what developed into an unexpected story, more meaningful to them due to its unconventional evolution. 


Halted by the pandemic no more,

"Ether Dome," was released in March 2023.*

"Ether Dome embodies the feeling of spaces both physical and non-physical wherein we contain ourselves in our own bodies and minds. A hazy delirium. We are full of fear, of happiness. We are in hate, in love. It is those things we either self-impose or allow to exist through the elements outside of ourselves. It's Savage. Sweet. Dichotomy."

-The Savage Blush

*The title was inspired by the first public demonstration of the effects of ether as an inhaled surgical anesthetic in 1846 in a medical teaching amphitheater at Massachusetts General thereafter nicknamed "The Ether Dome."



Denver based The Savage Blush is a psychedelic rock band, projecting reverb-washed atmospheres of phaser modulated melodies, punchy rock rhythms, and vocals that soar and echo throughout.

The band creates a sound that blends the familiar textures and dynamic structures of bands such as The Animals, The Doors, and Jefferson Airplane, with the ethereal spaces and darker fuzzed out psych rock of the present age.

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